New Yacht Club Version of Sabot

Southwestern Yacht Club has ordered five new Sabots – though not the usual racing model! They are looking for a trainer version that their new sailors can take out and bang around. They are replacing boats that are about 30 years old and have certainly held up well but have gained weight and have become too much of a maintenance headache.

The prototype boat was delivered in January of 2018 and two others are ready for delivery. The fourth boat is in the mold with a mast step and mid-thwart installed so hopefully all boats will be completed in February.

The difference between these boats and our race boats are: no foam in the bow transom to make repairs easier (and lots more fiberglass), more glass in the sides, an inclosed tank for a stern thwart, more glass in the thwarts, a non-adjustable mast step, and just the simplest of rigging.

Now Coronado Yacht Club has ordered five of the same so we are a bit backlogged around the boat yard. Photos to come when we deliver these new models…

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