3 New Sabots

Now completing boats 14, 15, and 16. Yes, just in time for summer sailing – I’m hoping the junior sailors hopping into these boats will have a great summer and give their peers some serious competition this year.

After delivery, the next production run will be something very different. The next batch will likely be three boats for a yacht club junior sailing program. These will obviously not be racing Sabots but will be made to be rugged enough for a first-time sailer to not destroy yet responsive enough to get them to start completing into Sabot races (of they so choose).  More to come on how the layup will change but for now, we see no foam in the bow and sides to make repairs easier and a new stern thwart that is a large, enclosed tank to give more floatation in case of capsise.  This and some new CNC milled boards are the next development for Bedford Boats.

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