Pivot to Masks…

During the “stay at home” order we’re re-purposing some of our peel ply to be used as ties for protective face masks. Yes, not really an obvious use of skills by a fiberglass boat builder but it proves that anyone can be trained! The ties are made into bias tape – not a quick and easy task I tell you. First you have to wrap the material in a spiral of sorts, sew it together and cut into long, 2″ wide strips. Then fold in half (to 1″) then fold edges into middle seam to create 1/2″ strips and then pin every 6″ or so. Then these brains of the operation can use this manual labor to sew ties onto the protective masks. We’re told (my an MD friend) that the elastic that most masks have that go behind the ears rubs and irritates. Also this way the top ties can be untied to let the mask hang down when need needed.

We’ll be back to making Sabots when we get closer to summer and we can all go sailing again!

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